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The Annals of Clinical and Analytical Medicine is an international open-access journal containing peer-reviewed high-quality articles on clinical medicine in the areas of all research study types, reviews, and case reports. Our journal has become an important platform with the help of language support services, which make it easier for writers who have English as their second language to share their clinical experiences with the world.
ACAM is the new and improved version of the Journal of Clinical and Analitycal Medicine  (JCAM) which was founded in 2009 at Bayrakol Medical Publisher, Derman MP with the support of a group of academics. Our Journal has been published at regular intervals for 10 years. On the 10th year of its establishment, the editorial board of the journal has considered raising the status of the journal to attract excellent medical papers. As a result, the cover of JCAM was updated and now it continues to be published with the new ISSN ( E-ISSN is 2667-663X) and new title as ’'The Annals of Clincal and Analytical Medicine''  
ACAM is dedicated to the dissemination of the unique papers to all researchers, scientists, and clinicians to promote and share progress within the scope of the journal. The journal is published six times a year in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Manuscripts written in English are welcomed from all countries. The authors undertake all scientific responsibility for their manuscripts. All printed and digital content of this journal is archived in the ULAKBİM National Databases.

Journal title abbreviation: Ann Clin Anal Med   Publisher: Derman Medical Publishing

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In 2018, 135 articles published in ACAM including original researchs and reviews.